Xfinity TV Services – A Tour

Xfinity is rated as one of the largest TV network providers in US. With Xfinity, you can look forward for a contract-free TV service.When you are looking for higher deals to save lot of your money, you can even look for bundling your TV services with Xfinity internet deals available in your area.

Xfinity Packages and Pricing

Xfinity offers plans like Digital Starter, Digital Preferred, digital premier, X1 Starter Double Play, X1 Preferred Double Play, and X1 Premier Double Play. These plans are offered at price ranges that vary between $49.99 per month and $134.99 per month (as per the year 2019 rating, subject to change as per the availability in your area).

The number of channels offered in these packages range between more than 140 and more than 260 channels. When it comes to double play packages, you have the advantage of bundling your TV and internet service.

When you are able to get so many channels bundled with internet services at this price range, it would be definitely advantageous at this age.

Xfinity offers HD picture quality and the HD fee is $10. Sports channels can also be added at a cost of $8 per month.

As other popular cable TV providers, Xfinity also provides the opportunity to you to add all your premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and Epix, but with an extra fee per month.

In spite of it, Xfinity also offers add-on packages for sports, family, fitness, and others which are focussed on catering to the varied interests of its millions of customers spread across US.

Customer Service

Any internet provider or any TV service provider would get mixed reviews and feedbacks as and when they become popular. One more noticeable factor is that, as and when a provider becomes popular, people talk more about the provider. It is true with Xfinity as well.

Xfinity provides a good customer service overall, though there may slighter variations and outages here and there. It also continuously works towards correcting its flaws, if any, and has been giving improvements in its customer service.


Since Xfinity provides DVR facility, you would not miss out your favorite programs anymore. With Xfinity, you can get on-demand content, which is of no doubt.

Xfinity also allows you to bundle your internet services with your TV subscription, which helps you to save more money. Moreover, if you are TV lover, you would not miss out your favorite shows and channels with Xfinity as it offers a wide range of channel selection based on your requirement

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