What’s Significant about Directv – Let’s Explore

Directv is a subsidiary of AT&T, which provides satellite television and audio services to US. It keeps its pace and stands out of competition with dish network and top cable TV service providers in US.

Directv has 2-year contract period. But, you can be very sure about the satisfactory customer service that it provides. You can also save money by bundling your TV service with AT&T internet packages.


Directv is available in almost all the 50 states. So, it is possible for you to get the directv service wherever you are in US. If you are getting transferred, you need not have to worry about the availability of your TV service there. Directv representatives would help you out in moving your TV services to your new location.

Channels and Packages

Directv offers a wide range of channels to watch to its millions of customers. It serves varied interests of its customers by offering 6 different packages.

The packages are Select, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Unlimited, and Premier. The Select package offers more than 150 channels. The Entertainment package offers more than 155 channels. The Choice package offers more than 185 channels. The Xtra package offers more than 230 channels. The Unlimited package offers more than 245 channels. The Premier package offers more than 325 channels.

One HD DVR receiver is included in the offer, when you order. The packages cost between $35 and $110 per month during the first year and between $78 and $181 per month during the second year (as per the year 2019 pricing).

You can also bundle your choice of TV package along with AT&T internet and phone services. These bundle packages are economical compared to the rates offered when all these services are availed separately. This helps you to save your money to a greater extent.

NFL – Sports Access

In spite of providing importance to all movie and entertainment lovers through its entertainment packages, Directv also provides importance to all its sports lovers.

Directv provides access to NFL Sunday Ticket. This is a sports package through which you will be able to view all the games programs every Sunday.

72-hour Rewind facility

Sometimes you would have gone out with your family for an outing or a function. So, you might have missed any of your favorite programs. In that case, directv offers HD DVR facility, through which you can view your favorite program that you have missed.


Price is the one which is the major deciding factor with respect to directv. During the first year of your contract, the price is affordable. During the second year, it goes higher. But you cannot stop your directv services during the second year because of the termination fee that it charges, if you stop the services before the contract period ends.

You can think about picking up bundle packages when you are particular about pricing. Whereas, when it comes to channels, entertainment, and customer service you cannot think about any other provider in place of directv.

You can view variety of channels in every package. You can choose the packages as per your choice and budget, which is the major advantage that you have with the directv packages.

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