A Glimpse on Spectrum TV

Are you planning to avail a TV network? Take a look at Spectrum TV, one of the leading cable service providers in US. The Spectrum TV packages include all the on-demand programs and channels including the high quality HD channels.

As Spectrum offers all the popular TV channels in its packages with competitive pricing, it is one of the preferred TV network providers in US.

Spectrum TV – Packages and Prices

With Spectrum, you are likely to have more channels, whatever package you pick. Spectrum offers three packages, namely, Select, Silver, and Gold. The Select package includes more than 125 channels, Silver package includes more than 175 channels, and Gold package includes more than 200 channels respectively.

The pricing for the Select package would be $44.99 per month, Silver package would be $84.99 per month, and Spectrum TV Gold would be $104.99 per month (as per the year 2019, which are subject to changes). The offers and deals associated with these packages would vary depending upon where you live in US.

Contract Charges

Spectrum relieves you from the hectic contract period charges levied on you. This helps you to save your money.

If you take TV packages from other popular networks, you would probably end up in higher monthly bills because of the rise in price of the channels and packages in the middle. This would not happen in case of Spectrum, which will help you maintain your monthly budget in a standard pattern with respect to your TV contribution.

Popular Channels

Some of the popular channels included in Select package are CNN, lifetime, Discovery, ESPN, BBC America, and many more. Silver package includes popular channels like Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and many more. Gold package includes popular channels like EPIX, Starz, Starz Enforce, Cinemax, HBO, and many more.

Customer Service

Spectrum provides you with a satisfactory customer service and professional installation experience. Though there might be mixed reviews regarding customer service, you can always find millions of satisfied customers with Spectrum, throughout US.


If you are a person, who would not prefer entering into contract, then Spectrum would be a better choice for you.

Based on your budget and requirement of popular channels, you can opt for the package accordingly. If your budget is medium, but you still require popular channels, you have the option of taking up the Silver package with Spectrum TV.

If you consider taking up the same premium channels available with Spectrum with some other TV provider, you would definitely find that the rates are higher. So, Spectrum would be the best choice for traditional TV channel lovers.

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