Significance of Directv Now, a Streaming Service

In today’s fast moving world, Directv Now, AT&T’s internet streaming service would be the best streaming service that you can rely on. On subscribing this service, you’ll be able to get almost all the channels you get in your traditional TV subscription. You can also get some of the popular channels added to your list by subscribing to Directv Now premium channels.

You can easily subscribe to this streaming service without any long-term contract.

Requirements for Directv Now Subscription

Directv Now is a simple content streaming service which is streamed from the server. So, you can easily subscribe to it. You just require internet connection, a device compatible to Directv Now, and Directv Now subscription.

Once you have made the payment for subscription with all the requirements mentioned in hand, you can start using Directv Now.

You can easily access Directv Now through your mobile, TV, laptop, desktop, or any other media streaming devices.

Directv Now Channels and Pricing

Directv Now offers 60 to 120 channels with free DVR. This allows you record and watch your favorite shows later. Directv Now also provides cloud storage facility for 20 hours.

You can find 4 packages in Directv Now, which are live a little, Just Right, Go Big, and Gotta Have it. Live a little TV offers more than 60 channels at $40 per month. Just Right TV offers more than 80 channels at $55 per month. Go Big TV offers more than 100 channels at $65 per month. Gotta Have it TV offers more than 120 channels at $75 per month (pricing as per the year 2019).

The packages in Directv Now, namely, Go Big and Just Right cover all sports channels in Spanish language as well.

If you are among those who love watching movies, you’ll also get yourself entertained from Directv Now through the live a little channel.

You can also subscribe for certain additional channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz with a few dollars extra payment along with the price of the package you subscribed for.

Customer Service

Directv Now provides a professional customer service. Experts provide answers to your queries over phone or chat. You can be sure to get a quick response to your queries.

As they have no hidden charges like installation charges or contract fee, the Directv Now packages are preferred much by the customers. All the information made available to the customers through the customer support representatives make it double advantageous for the subscribers.


With all the different types of entertainments like movies and sports included in the packages, Directv Now is an affordable micro version of any other traditional TV service provider.

With Directv Now, you will able to watch all your favorite channels at affordable price range along with a good picture quality.

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