Netflix – the Streaming Service on Demand

Netflix is an American-based streaming service, head-quartered in California. It provides a 30-day trial period, which is the major reason to have its customers try their packages and fall in line.

Netflix provides multi-device support. It is also affordable. If you are a lover of TV shows and movies, it is better to go for Netflix, rather than subscribing for traditional TV channels, as the streaming service provides access to programs and shows of your choice at an affordable pricing.

Plans and Pricing

For the benefit of you and your family members, Netflix provides three plans, namely, basic, standard, and premium plans. With basic you can watch one screen at a time in a normal way. But standard and premium plans provide the shows in HD quality. Moreover, these two plans also allow you to watch more than one screen at a time. This means, your family members can watch Netflix from anywhere else through some other device.

All these packages allow unlimited streaming. There is no contract period as well. So, at any time when you feel that the service would affect the lifestyle of your family or kids, you can go in for cancellation of your service.

For standard definition of streaming, Netflix costs $8. For HD definition, Netflix charges $11 for two persons streaming at a time and $14 for four persons streaming at a time (as per the year 2019 pricing).

Original Series and Hit Shows

Netflix has gained popularity among the TV lovers in US, as it provides original series of the hit shows. The original series of shows provided by Netflix like Stranger Things, House of Cards, and Narcos have been the top in the hit list compared to the shows on other streaming channels.

Family Oriented Streaming

Netflix is a streaming service which is liked by people of all age groups. So, it provides a good entertainment to your entire family.

Sometimes you might be worried about your kids watching the programs beyond their age. Netflix offers kids section, which would display the content suitable for your kids only. This will help you solve your problem about your kids watching inappropriate content.


Netflix is famous for lot of award-winning original content or series. It is famous for streaming old classics, famous movies, and popular TV and gaming shows.

Moreover, customers are much satisfied with the affordable price which is offered by Netflix. All these makes Netflix, a preferred streaming service in US.

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