A Glimpse on One of the Best Streaming Service – Hulu

Hulu is an entertainment and media streaming company in US. It is a joint venture of Comcast and Walt Disney. Though there are many streaming companies available in the market, Hulu keeps up its pace in the heavy competition that exists in the industry.

Hulu focuses on providing a complete entertainment to millions of customers. It provides new original series of top shows, a good choice of animated movies and series, a collection of classic series and movies, and live TV option.

Plans and Pricing

Hulu’s basic plan is priced at $7.99 per month. This includes lot of commercials. So, if you prefer avoiding advertisements, you can pay $11.99 per month.

There are two packages of Hulu, from which you can select as per your choice. Hulu with Live TV package (with limited advertisements) costs $39.99 per month. This package offers you more than 57 channels. The other package, Hulu with Live TV package (with no advertisements) costs $43.99 per month and it offers you more than 57 channels.

You can also customize your package by adding add-ons to your package. You can add HBO to your package by paying $14.99, Show time by paying $8.99, and Cinemax by adding $9.99 extra (rates as per the year 2019). This allows you to watch the programs and shows on these channels along with the channels in your Hulu Live TV package that you have chosen.

In general, when you go in for traditional TV cable providers, you may have to pay more for the channels that you watch regularly. For the same channels, you can see that the prices are less expensive and affordable with Hulu streaming service.

Free Trial

With Hulu, you have an option to try for a one-month trial period. This helps you to decide whether you can go ahead with Hulu. As it is an affordable service that provides high HD picture quality, no one would think about coming out of the service after the trial period.

This trial period gives an opportunity for the Hulu customers to try their service themselves, get satisfied, and then opt for the services and choice of packages permanently.


Hulu Live TV with cloud DVR facility is very convenient to use. It is user-friendly. Hulu has good customer reviews and feedbacks, which says that Hulu is one of the preferred providers in US.

Its mid-ranged pricing with an on-demand original streaming content makes it the most preferred one. Add-ons and premium channel options make it convenient for the customers to customize their package as per their need. All these facilities help Hulu stand out of the competition in US media streaming industry.

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