Who Would You Choose – AT&T or Cox?

Internet access is made available to everyone through the various reputed internet service providers spread across various parts of US. There are many internet service providers like AT&T, Cox, Verizon, and Spectrum who provide reliable internet service to the users.

But, when it comes to choosing the best one for us, it becomes a great challenge. There are two sides which are to be considered here. One is your budget and requirements. The other side is the internet performance, reliability, speed, pricing and discounts, and other factors offered by the service providers. Based upon the two considerations, you can take a decision on what to choose.

Both AT&T and Cox are top providers, which is of no doubts. Let’s try to analyze them in a balanced way to choose between the two.


AT&T provides coverage in top states like Illinois, California, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. It uses both DSL and Fiber optic technologies to serve millions of customers across US.

Cox provides coverage in top states like Arizona, Nevada, Rhode Island, Kansas, and Oklahoma. It is a cable based internet service provider.

In spite of the top 5 states, AT&T and Cox provide coverage in many states in US. AT&T has wider coverage compared to Cox, which means you can easily move your connection if you are getting transferred to some other part of US.


Both AT&T and Cox offer 1 gig speeds for a few bucks. Though the speeds advertised by both AT&T and Cox are not the actual speed provided by the ISPs, the customers feel happy with the speed that they get.

AT&T provides a basic speed range starting at 5Mbps that costs $40 per month to 1000 Mbps that costs $90 per month. Cox provides a basic speed range starting at 10 Mbps that costs $29.99 per month to 1000 Mbps that costs $119.99 per month (as per the year 2019).

Packages and Pricing

There are different ranges of packages available with AT&T and Cox. Usually, the pricing goes higher with increasing speed of the internet.

AT&T basic packages start from $40 and $50 and offer 1000 Mbps speed through fiber optic technology at $90 per month. Cox starter package costs $29.99 and Cox Essential package costs $39.99. The plan with 1000 Mbps speed is available with Cox through its cable network at $119.99 (as per the pricing of year 2019).

Customer Service

Even though the customers choose a provider with the pricing and packages, speed, and coverage aspects, it is the customer service which makes a service complete. Customer service plays major role in providing satisfaction to the customers.

AT&T has ranked second in customer service in 2018 and continues to provide a good customer service in this year too. Cox has also been giving a good customer service and there are no big complaints on any of the aspects of service provided by them too.


On the whole, both the service providers provide a reliable internet service, range of competitively priced packages, comparable speed at competitive price ranges, and what not. To choose the one suitable to your needs, it is good to check for the availability of AT&T and Cox in your area, your budget, and speed requirements and decide upon which would be suitable to you.

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