Which Internet Service Provider is better for you – Verizon Fios or Cox?

When it comes to choosing the best internet service provider, it becomes difficult as many reputed providers are available in the market. These reputed providers also offer several plans and packages at competitive prices. They also offer discounts and deals. All these make them the most preferred ones in the market.

When you are about to choose between Verizon and Cox, both the providers go hand in hand in most of the aspects like speed, coverage, plans, and many more making it a tough task for you. Let us take a quick look at some of the aspects which could help you choose the right one depending on your requirements, budget, and availability.

Matching Speed

Cox provides a high speed of up to 1 Gbps. Verizon also provides more or less the same speed, which comes up to 940 Mbps. Since both of them provide consistent internet services, it doesn’t make much difference.

Cox promotes both cable and fiber based internet service. Verizon promotes mostly its fiber optic internet service. Only in the places, where Verizon Fios fiber optic service is unavailable, they look for their secondary option, namely, DSL high speed internet service.

How is the Cost of Plans offered by both?

When you have decided with your speed requirement, you can check out for the cost in both the plans. If you take a quick look at the pricing, you can see that the cost of the plans offered by Verizon seems to be better.

Verizon is able to provide the same speed at a slightly lower price compared to Cox.

Both Verizon and Cox provide deals and offers throughout the year, which keep the customers happy all through the year.

How is the networks’ availability?

Both Cox and Verizon are reputed providers trying to expand their coverage throughout US. Verizon provides its coverage to 9 states in US, whereas, Cox has made itself available in 18 states across US.

Before going in for your choice of providers, it is better to check for the coverage of these providers in your area. This would rather help you out in choosing your provider, as both of them need to expand a lot in US.

How are the Customer Reviews?

It is quite common to get mixed reviews and feedbacks with respect to the telecom industry. As there are many reputed providers, competitive plans and pricing, and millions of customers, this scenario becomes quite common.

Both Cox and Verizon provide a satisfactory customer service to their millions of customers, which is of no doubt.


As most of the points like speed, coverage, reliability, and discounts offered are almost the same with Verizon and Cox, it becomes difficult to choose between these two reputed providers. At the same time, when it comes to pricing, Verizon seems to have good plans with inexpensive prices.

But, before deciding on whom to choose, it becomes important to find out their availability. After getting the coverage details, you can decide upon whom to choose keeping in mind all the aspects discussed.

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