Find Out Which One Would Suit You – Spectrum or Frontier?

Both Spectrum and Frontier are among the top internet service providers operating in US. Frontier is one of the top DSL internet service providers, whereas, Spectrum is one of the top cable internet and TV providers in US.

It is a quite challenging task to decide which one would suit to your needs. This can be done by thoroughly analyzing several factors like cost, value for your money that these providers give, internet speed that they offer, customer feedbacks, bundles and packages which save your money, and many more.

Taking into consideration all these factors, you will be able to come to a conclusion on which one would you choose.

What’s the Internet Speed you’ll get?

Both Frontier and Spectrum offer 1 gig speed internet via their fiber optic technology. Still, you have to take into account their basic internet providing technology.

The speed provided by the DSL based provider will be generally low compared to the cable based service provider. You can also see that the cable internet service will be reliable as well compared to the DSL technology.

In that sense, Spectrum will be able to provide high speed internet service with its basic technology.

How does the pricing look like?

If you really compare the pricing between Spectrum and Frontier, you can easily find that there exists a visible price difference between them.

The starting internet pricing for Frontier is $20 per month and for Spectrum, it starts at $44.99 per month (as per the year 2019 pricing). Thus, Spectrum seems to be slightly expensive compared to Frontier.

How about the coverage aspects?

Frontier is available in many parts of US compared to Spectrum. Frontier has initially concentrated in the rural areas. Now it has started concentrating on expanding itself in cities as well.

Spectrum also has a good coverage, though it has not expanded its coverage like Frontier.

Before you opt for your internet service provider, you can check whether Spectrum or Frontier is available in your area and then decide upon your choice.

How are the Customer Reviews and Feedbacks?

Customers of both Spectrum and Frontier are happy with their bundle packages comprising of internet, TV, and phone services. These bundle packages help the customers in saving their money as both the providers give their customers good discounts and offers for the bundles.

Though both of them provide a good customer service, there exists certain negative feedbacks about billing and support services in case of Frontier.


Finally, when it comes to your choice, it is your need which is going to decide your choice above everything. If you are very particular about the pricing, you may opt for Frontier. But, when you are particular about internet speed and flavors of bundles, you can go in for Spectrum.

Since both are top providers in US, it is for sure that you are going to have a nice time whether you opt for Frontier or Spectrum.

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