Tips to Get a Better HDTV Picture Quality

HDTVs are a favorite among people for the stunning life-like images they offer. However, it pisses you off when it does not live up to its expectations when you sit down to watch your favorite TV show. This happens due to a range of possible reasons and can be fixed by ensuring a few essential things. Below are a few tips to help you get the best quality pictures on your HDTV.

Check your Cables

Your TV should always be connected to the source of the pictures using an HDMI cable. This is to be ensured without exceptions. In case your TV is slightly older, the colored component cables may also do the job. In addition, remember that if you are using the yellow cables for any purpose, you cannot expect to get HD pictures. The best idea would be to get a new set of cables. HDMI cables are not that expensive either, so you can easily fix your image quality by getting a new one.

Upgrade your Sources

Make sure your source of pictures is up to date. An outdated source might be a cause of poor quality pictures, even if you have subscribed to the best cable provider. Check if you upgraded your package after you bought the HD TV. There are active packages on all cable TV providers for the HD channels.

Check your Source Settings

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Once you have an HD source or have activated an HD package, it still does not mean that you will automatically get HD pictures. You have to make sure that the output of your HD satellite box is set to output HD or 1080i. You cannot expect it to be fixed automatically.

Furthermore, you have to confirm that you are tuning into the right channels. Many providers now air the HD channels as separate channels from the SD ones. Refer to your provider for the further details of the same.

Adjust your TV Settings (Basic)

Once you are done with the plugging up, you should turn to your TV to get the best settings for your HD pictures. Most of the TVs are set to Sports or Vivid mode by default. These add edge enhancements, which could cause a halo to appear around shapes and figures. The best mode would be the Movie or Cinema mode. In these, the settings are ideal for HD viewing. Besides, it would be better if you can adjust the brightness and contrast to the right amounts.

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