The Keys to Getting the Best Possible Signal with an HDTV Antenna

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With a simple antenna, you can start getting local OTA TV broadcasts that look either as good as or even better than satellite or cable TV. OTA broadcasts necessitate no special subscription. In case you live inside a few miles of TV transmitters that serve your area, an indoor antenna may suffice for you. In case not, you will require an outdoor antenna.

More and more audiences are using an HDTV antenna in order to get rid of or reduce their TV bills from satellite or cable TV providers, although in general, antennas may seem like relics from the past.

Why Add an HDTV Antenna

Even in case you have not used one of the off-air antennas, there are many good reasons to consider adding it to your other television signal sources.

  • Over the Air signals are free: Apart from costs to buy and set up an HD antenna, getting OTA TV is free.
  • Local television broadcasts are nearly available everywhere: Even though big cities provide the widest broadcasts’ selection, more than ninety-nine percent of TV households in the US can get at least a local station; eighty-nine percent can get five or more broadcast stations.
  • OTA TV signals offer first-rate picture quality: Satellite and cable service providers offer several channels, but they use data compression or other methods that compromise the quality.

Finding OTA TV Signals

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The transmission of the signals is a line of slight. Getting steadfast reception of them beyond the Earth’s curvature (about seventy miles) is tough. Tall buildings or obstacles between transmitter tower/s and your house can also lead to reception issues. Therefore, transmitters for local stations have to be located, and an antenna has to be set up or aligned as per that and avoiding as many line of sight obstacles as possible.

Besides, no one type of antenna will deliver excellent signal reception in each location. Main factors that determine it are direction and distance from TV station transmitters to your house. The power of a transmitter and its tower’s height also matter.

If you live inside a few miles of it and the signal path is fairly unobstructed, then you may be able to receive solid reception with a small indoor antenna. However, as you move to a location farther away from it, receiving usable signal strengths will become trickier. This is where careful selection as well as installation of an HD antenna becomes essential.

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