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It is interesting to know that T-Mobile has plans for acquiring the home turf of cable companies. They are supposed to do the same by providing unlimited access to wireless LTE internet services for the home.

A New Disruptive TV Service

In 2018, they had serious plans for launching a “disruptive new TV service”. However, the plan didn’t take a physical form. You couldn’t think this to have happened because T-Mobile stopped trying. This could be seen from their recent deal with the Viacom. According to this deal, in the TV service’s first version, you would be able to see some of Viacom’s TV channels, such as MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and Paramount.

They are planning to introduce their mobile TV package as soon as possible. By this new deal, T-Mobile would be able to perform live streaming of all the feeds from Viacom’s channels as well as additional shows which would be provided on demand.

In-Home Version

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They are really working for the development of this in-home version. However, the launch date of this version still remains unclear. In the opinion of experts, it is possible for them to choose to use a 5G technology for replacing the cable, as this would give them a new footprint which is different from that of their in-home internet service. Nevertheless, since T-Mobile has acquired the Layer3 TV cable provider, it is what that acts as the platform for building both of their in-home TV and mobile business. Their IP network facilitates them to send HD videos in similar bandwidth as that provided by Netflix.

You would be able to find Layer3 TV only in just five cities of U.S and they offer a wide range of channels such as ESPN, AMC, NBC, and many other HD video channels. Another thing that you could notice with this TV provider is that they shuffle video contents from social media and streaming services along with cable and broadcast channels. The only reference to how the TV service would function could be seen in a YouTube video featuring T-Mobile CEO, John Legere. In this video, you get to see a number of cascading services and channels like Netflix, Hulu, and AMC.  The viewing options also include offerings like a DVR.

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