How Does Digital Television Differ from Cable TV?

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With analog broadcast TV’s having been replaced by standard digital television in the recent past, and with the arrival of HD digital cable, it is easy for people to get confused by these terms. Check out the digital cable providers in my area to know your options. Most cable service providers offer…

Prior to the advent of digital television, it was relatively easy to understand the distinction between cable and standard TV. After that came regular digital television (DTV), which quickly replaced analog broadcast TV and essentially muddied the waters for novices trying to understand the different TV service types that ever existed.

Digital Television

Abbreviated as DTV, this has replaced analog television as the preferred broadcasting method among TV stations. It lets stations broadcast content with better sound and picture quality, allowing them to air it on multiple channels. Audiences are also served with a wider array of TV programming. Unlike cable television service, DTV with antennae has the capability to provide channels in your area at no extra cost. All you need to do is set it up and scan for channels. Also, you may want to search for new ones that are made available from time to time.

Cable Television

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Also called Community Antenna Television, this brings programming to TV sets that are connected to the matching type of antenna by the cable. Of course, this is a service option where people pay to subscribe from a cable provider. It generally comprises distinct levels of service, starting with basic cable packages. The packages offered by cable service providers typically comprises a combination of both local programming and specialty channels, which are not broadcast over open airwaves in the way of digital television channels. Their premium packages typically comprise specialized programming including sports and movies.

High Definition Digital Cable Service

There is also digital cable to know about. This is basically cable TV, aired over digital signals rather than analog ones. Digital cable too is broadcast in high definition, providing audiences with the clearest picture on HD-enabled TV sets.


In case you have an HD, flat-screen TV, no extra equipment unit other than a standard TV antenna is required to get standard digital TV. However, in case you have an older TV set, it may be required to set up an analog-to-digital signal converter box. If you pay for cable television service, whether standard or digital, the provider would give you a converter box that enables your TV set to receive cable programming.

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